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Resort Access

Resort access for owners, their visitors and renters will be denied if accounts are not up to date. For an account to be considered in good standing, we must have valid insurance as well as a signed LOC on file, and payments must be up to date.


Owners must carry insurance policies, with coverage no less than fire, storm damage, and third party liability coverage of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. 

We must receive the updated policy each year upon renewal. Copies can be scanned and emailed to [email protected].

Failure to provide valid insurance will result in denied access to the resort for your site as well as disabled swipe cards.


Licence of Occupation (LOC)

A Licence of Occupation is the occupancy agreement between Sherkston Shores and the owner. It outlines the Resort Rules and a signed copy is required each year. Completion of the LOC is done electronically via DocuSign. Should a hardcopy be required, please contact the Welcome Centre for assistance at either 905-894-0972 or [email protected].

Failure to complete your LOC will result in denied access to the resort for your site as well as disabled swipe cards.



Payments on the account must be up to date for resort access for owners, their visitors and renters.

Accounts with past due balances will result in denied access to the resort for the site as well as disabled swipe cards. For more information on making a payment, visit Payment Methods.

Notice of an account balance will be sent via email on a monthly basis during off season, and on a bi-weekly basis during season. Once a 3rd notice is sent, swipe cards are disabled and resort access will be denied.



Page last updated: May 9, 2022