Golf Cart Rules & General Information


  • Golf carts must be battery operated and have working headlights and taillights. Headlights and taillights must be in use from dusk til dawn.
  • Golf carts must have $1,000,000 CAD or $300,000 US public liability insurance.
  • All drivers of golf carts must either be 25 years of age or hold a G2 licence in Ontario or a DJ licence in New York.
  • The number of people on a golf cart is determined by the number of seats available on the cart. Standing up is not permitted. Every person must have a proper seat. Golf carts are not permitted to tow a skateboard, bike or scooter.
  • Open alcohol is not permitted on golf carts. Unopened and sealed containers of alcohol are permitted, but must be out of reach of the driver. Glass containers are not permitted in any circumstances on golf carts.
  • Those found driving a golf cart without meeting these requirements will be issued a fine and possible removal from the resort.
  • Golf carts are classified as motor vehicles under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code of Canada and as such, criminal charges are applicable to golf carts, even on private property.
  • All traffic laws must be followed, included but not limited to abiding by the posted speed limit of 15 km/h, stopping at stop signs and following direction of one way streets.

Please remember! There are many pedestrians and young children playing and it’s imperative to operate your golf cart in a safe manner. Please do your part to help keep the resort safe for everyone.



Everyone who operates a golf cart on the private property of Sherkston Shores is required to register their golf cart.  A golf cart registration sticker will be delivered to your site to you after registration is received and processed. When you receive the registration sticker, affix it to your golf cart as proof of registration.  It should be placed at the front or rear of your golf carts in an area that is easily visible.  This sticker assists the Security Team in identifying your golf cart, as many do not have a serial number or VIN.

Ways to Register

Online: Click here to register your golf cart online.

By Phone: 905-894-0972 ext 211

Please complete one registration per golf cart.



The rental of golf carts is only permitted through Birdie Golf Carts. Owners are not allowed to sublet their golf carts. 
Birdie Golf Carts (Sherkston Location) Hours of Operation: May 21 through September 6, 10am-7pm daily.


Page last updated: May 29, 2021