Hydro/Electric Information

Hydro Service

Each site is provided with either a 30 or 50 amp metered service. Hydro service is available all year. 

Sherkston is in the process of upgrading the electrical infrastructure over several years to provide each site with 50 amp service. Once a site has been upgraded, it is the responsibility of each owner to upgrade their electrical panel to access the improved service. 



Sherkston Shores is an unlicensed distributor under the Ontario Energy Board and as such, permitted to charge a price to recover all reasonable costs to distribute electricity. 

Sherkston Shores charges for electricity service in the following manner:

  • Sherkston Shores passes on the total cost of electricity service charged to it for the supply, transmission and distribution of electricity to the property on a bulk metered basis by way of a single volumetric charge. Sherkston Shores does not mark up or in any way profit from passing along these costs; it simply recovers the expense that it incurs to secure electricity for the property. By recovering the total costs using a volumetric charge, the cost of supplying electricity to the property is spread out over all the users of electricity on the property based on how much electricity is consumed by each user.
  • Sherkston Shores recovers the cost of billing through an administrative charge of $9.50 for each invoice.
  • Sherkston Shores recovers the Repair and Maintenance costs and capital improvements of their electrical infrastructure by way of a $10/mo connection fee that is applicable all year.


Meter Reading & Usage

At the end of each season, or upon change of ownership, Sherkston Shores reads your meter and invoices accordingly. 

During the off season, if you have no need to have power to your park model/RV, we recommend that you shut off the power at the panel inside your trailer. If you keep your power on, whatever is left plugged in will continue to use electricity and incur usage charges.


Security Deposit

All seasonal RV sites are billed a $350 hydro deposit at the beginning of each season. At the end of the season, or upon change of ownership of the site, the deposit will be credited towards your invoice.


Page last updated: May 1, 2021