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Site Alterations & Permit Information


All work on the exterior of a park model or RV must have an approved Site Alteration Permit issued by Sherkston. In addition to the Site Alteration Permit, certain types of work will also require a permit from the City of Port Colborne.

Types of Work Requiring a City Permit

  • Decks over 24”
  • Railings on Decks over 24”
  • Hard Roof Installation
  • Add A Room
  • Gazebos, pergolas pavilions over 108 sq ft.
  • Ramps – Wheel chair or regular ramps over 24”
  • Retaining walls over 48” in height



All work must have a final inspection, with deck and shed builds requiring a mid-work inspection. If the work required a city permit, the City of Port Colborne must also do a final inspection.

Unsatisfactory work, where it is found upon inspection that the work is not as described in the application will be subject to a fine.



In the event that work was completed without satisfactory final inspection, or the work is different to what was approved, a fine of $200.00 will be applied to the site account and the work will be required to be corrected of all deficiencies.



For further information regarding permits, please contact Joseph Burd; [email protected] or 905-894-0972 ext 268


Page last updated: May 21, 2021