Water Park - Pools, Splash Pad, Slides & Hot Tub

Hours of Operation

Pools, Hot Tub &
Splash Pad

Water Slides

May 1-19*
9a-6p daily
*One pool + hot tub only

May 20-30
Mon-Thurs: 9a-6p
Fri-Sun: 9a-8p

May 31 - Jun 21
Sun-Thurs: 9a-6p
Fri & Sat: 9a-8p

Jun 22 - Sep 4*
9a-9p daily
*7:30p-9p Adults Only

Sep 5 - Oct 10
Sun-Fri: 9a-6p
Sat: 9a-7p

May 20 - Jun 2
Mon: 10a-3p
Tues-Thurs: Closed
Fri: 3p-8p
Sat & Sun: 10a-8p
Jun 3-21
Mon-Thurs: Closed
Fri: 3p-8p
Sat: 10a-8p
Sun: 10-6p 

Jun 22-24
12p-8p daily

Jun 25 - Sep 5*
10a-9p daily
*Mon Sept 5: 10a-6p 

Sep 6-Oct 9
Mon-Fri: Closed
Sat & Sun: 10a-6p

9a-10a daily: Owner's only lane swim, fitness & swim lessons
(when scheduled)


We reserve the right to close the water park without notice due to weather and/or emergency maintenance.
Pools may be closed without notice when temperatures are below 12C or 55F.

Water Slide Height Restrictions

  • 42" to ride with a parent
  • 48" to ride the "Space Bowl"
  • 48" to ride any slide alone


Swim Lessons

We have limited space left for swimming lessons this season. To sign up, please call the Welcome Centre at 1-877-482-3224.


July 2nd - August 27
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

9a-9:30a ages 3-6
9:30a-10a ages 7 and up


Page last updated: June 30, 2022