Day Visitors


We want your friends and family to visit! Each site must have a gate password on file which will be used to allow your visitors into the resort. Your visitors must give your site number, last name and password to gain entry to the resort. It is important to note that if your account is not up to date, or if all information is not verified by your visitor, they will be denied entry to the resort.

To change or set your password, please click here. Passwords can only be changed from the email address on file with us, and the email address will require validation with a unique code upon submission.

Once inside the resort, your visitors may visit the quarry, beaches, Boston Pizza and arcade at no charge. To use the waterpark, a wristband purchase must be made. Alternatively, an owner with a valid picture pass can bring in one visitor to the water park. 

Should your visitors require access to the water park, they may purchase wristbands online or at the Welcome Centre. Children 5 and under are free and do not require wristbands. 


Parties & Gatherings

If you are expecting more than 8 visitors on any given day, we ask that you please notify Sherkston Security by email with your name, site number and number of visitors expected. Please send this at least 24 hours in advance to 

Once a site has reached 8 visitors in a day, without prior notification, the security department will attempt to contact the owner to ensure the use of the password is legitimate. Visitors may be denied entry until verification is received by the owner, so please ensure you notify us in advance to avoid any inconveniences. 


*All verified visitors will be issued a wristband. This wristband identifies them as registered visitors of the resort. It is not valid for entry to the waterpark unless accompanied by an owner with a picture pass. 


Page last updated: July 3, 2021